What You Don’t See


Here is my home.

What you don’t see is the rest of my home.

The rest of my home is really opening up and letting go.

I have gotten rid of tons of stuff and washed the walls of my life.

Do you notice the piles all over the place?

Over on the right there is a pile of unconditional and all encompassing love.

Over on the left is a pile of intention and desire.

In the centre, deep in the earth, is a pile of life’s documentation,

of footprints, of friends made and the growth of a family.

We must learn to honour the past in order to move on and

nestle ourselves in the present.


Neighbors. Can Change Our Lives Forever

There is a stunning soul that lives accros the road from me.  His door is open usually from about 7.00am.  It is always open when I pass.  We chat, he always offers me something to drink.  He always offers me a piece of fruit. I always offer to shop for him, for something he may need.  ”No, am fine” is always his reply.

Each day he rides his moped to the shore.  He loves his moped.  He loves the sea. It is not far, he can be there in 10 minutes. He loves life apart from the heat.  

We spend time together talking, talking anything.  He is happy and so am I.  He is proud of his TV.  Always telling me whats happening, the weather for tomorrow, the events of today, according to the news.

That TV does not tell his story though.  

He is suffering from skin cancer.  Yet he smiles, welcomes everyone to his home, chats and is happy.

I am moving on soon, from across the road, being a nomad n all.  

In my own special way…..I love him.  In such a short time, he has taught me patience, grace and unity.  He is now part of my family.

My path now leads me onwards, I may never see him again.  

I will forever carry him in my heart.

And I hope to God I can embrace him, once again, in Heaven.

Sorry about the sad story but sometimes we meet people in a fleating moment, they can show us joy in simplicity and can forever change our lives.  Sometimes we just need to look beyond our own being.


10 Minutes Later

What luxury

awaits me.

As darkness falls.

10 minutes later

I rise from my cradle

in yesterday’s clothes.

Ready, yet again.

Damp, the rain keeps falling.

I shiver, am not cold.

10 minutes later.

People pass and then you stop.

You don’t look into my eyes

they are blank

there is nothing left to see.

But you don’t care.

You hold the car door open.

10 minutes later

its all over.

Bruised, I seek out my cradle.

10 minutes later 

sun shines on glistening snow.

Music, singing, dancing bodies.

I sway with them


I don’t feel the dance.

10 minutes later

I am warm

I am floating

wings carry me

to light.













Flick the poo!

Please excuse the opening to this story but many thoughts come from actions and this post just happened to come about from a rather odd beginning.  

 I was messing around with my 9 year old son today. Mindless chit chat and stuff. You know what I mean?  One of our two adopted cats was sniffing a paw.  “Aw…… don’t sniff your paw”, I said. “You have probably been flicking poo with it”.

My son laughed out loud, deeply, from his belly, I laughed with him and we both refrained from giving the cat a cuddle for fear of smelling poo.

Our action, or lack of action, made me think.

Each day we find and read sentences, paragraphs, stories etc on being grateful for what we have, for being thankful for what we have, for being happy for what we have.  Maybe, just maybe, there are some of us who can’t get there…yet…. to be grateful, to be thankful, to be happy.  Can’t get there yet because we need to ‘flick the poo’ first.

If all we wish to talk about and write about is what we should be grateful for, thankful for happy for etc we are not then actually asking how we really feel. What is holding us back? Where and what are our dark spots? So how are we helping ourselves?

Sometimes, many times, we need to flick the poo before we can even consider what might be left within us.  To search through the feelings, the memories, the pain, before we can find that new path to follow.  The path of gratefulness, of happiness, of gratitude.

We so often put on a brave face for the world.  

Deep inside, there are few of us who have time for someone who wants to pour their heart out.  We have become so engaged with those that ‘gush’.  We want to hear their life, to hear their stories, their adventures and we walk right past the ones who look forlorn, sad, desperate, unhappy. This includes us, as we try to walk away from our own selves, our own souls, disgusted with the state of our own being.

Regarding others, we say to ourselves, ” oh well, they have brought it upon themselves”, “they should have made more effort”.  Assumptions?  Have we taken the time to find out what brought that person to where they are now?

No, we just walk on by, just in case they catch our eye…….then of course, we may feel guilty.  So we walk on, eager to find the people that we can latch on to and to follow the people we long to be.  

Those that we have chosen to ignore, are you sure that they may not once have been a person that you would have wished to emulate? How do you know?  You didn’t stop to ask.  
You didn’t have the guts.  
You didn’t want to ‘flick the poo’ to find out.




What Did You Do?


“To get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”-Unknown

My neglected and sun worshipping cactus grew a flower today, or maybe it was overnight. I think it is trying to tell me something.

What did you do today or yesterday that you have never done before?

How did it make you feel?


I lost boundaries as a child. Actually, I don’t recall there being boundaries but I guess there must have been. My memory reminds me of many altrications with the ‘taller people’! Guess it must be those times that I crossed those. boundaries.

I don’t remember bringing much joy to those ‘taller people’,I think I probably startled their senses and spirits! I am conscious of trying, still, to stretch the boundaries.

Do I give, have I given, boundaries to my children? Well, I do and I have but only in certain areas. There are boundaries regarding manners. There are boundaries regarding respect. There are boundaries on how all living things should be treated. To give too many boundaries is to restrict their wings and to crush their spirit of adventure and discovery and of course, life’s lessons too. Sometimes the breaking of a boundary is a mistake but we all know, without mistakes we cannot truly grow.

We must be respectful of each others pathways towards life, each others happiness and each others goals and when sometimes that person falls, if we truly care, we must break our own ‘boundaries’ to pick them up.

Our boundaries are personal. Some of us hold our boundaries close. Others, like me, seem not to have boundaries. We should not be here on earth to imitate life and to live within the boundaries that others have created. If we should create boundaries, can we not ‘cross them off’ once we have reached them? To look beyond the wall and to find another boundary to reach? Just as we would when we make a goal to reach? Can we not reach out and love the moment we arrive at the boundary, knowing we can cross it?

I don’t think my soul seems to recognise many untaught boundaries. To put limitations on it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Travelling is an expression of one of my desires to cross boundaries. It is the one that my heart desires to break rather too often! The discovery, the unknown, the smell of a different wind. I love the idea, the excitement, of stepping out, no expectations and where the boundaries are yet to be discovered.

Boundaries are with us to protect us not to confine and limit our souls experience.

Be drawn to the wild edge of your being.